Map of Resistance

Below are the numbers that correlate with the red (threats) and green (actions) flags on our ‘map of resistance’ that we present. It is just a glimpse of these things that we have collected, highlighting the threats and actions that have stood out to us over the last 2 years. We keep adding to it as we learn more along the Roadshow…

We present our map of recent threats and actions to a group in Burlington, Vermont

We present our map of recent threats and actions to a group in Burlington, Vermont



1 – Tucson, AZ: I-10 Bypass

2 – The Border Wall

3 – Canamex Corridor

4 – Kansas City Smartport

5 – Oklahoma City: Natural Gas drilling and shiping

6 – Western North Carolina: Cliffside Coal power plant expansion

7 – Broward Co. FL: New Liquified Natural Gas Terminal proposed by Calypso LNG

8 – Black Mesa, AZ: Roan Plateau to be mined for coal by Peabody

9 – New Coal plant proposed on MN/SD Border

10 – Buffalo slaughter in and near Yellowstone National Park

11 – OH, NY, and PA: Marcellus Shale Natural Gas drilling

12 – Elliotsville, ME: Plum Creek Development of the NorthWoods

13 – South Florida: West County Energy Center, Liquified Natural Gas Terminal and 500 miles of new pipeline

14 – Portland OR: Columbia River Bridge Crossing expansion on I-5 (a Corridor of the Future)

15 – Kingston, TN: Coal Ash and Sludge Spill

16 – Indiana through Texas: I-69, a Corridor of the Future, proposed to be built

17 – Tucson, AZ: Proposed copper mine in the Santa Rita Mountains

18 – Northern North Dakota: Proposal to build a new oil refinery for tar sands oil

19 – South of the US: Offshore drilling proposed throughout the Gulf of Mexico

20 – Pacific Northwest: Klamath river fisheries going extinct from dams

21 – Los Angeles, CA: UCLA continues to engage in vivisection

22 – Santa Cruz, CA: University plans to expand into the redwood forest

23 – Crystal River, FL: Progress Energy proposing to build a Nuclear Power Plant

24 – Florida through Washington DC: I-95, a Corridor of the Future, proposed plans for Intelligent Transportation System “upgrades” (new technology to track people’s travel)

25 – Washington DC: Proposal to build a new road, the ICC (Interstate Commerce Connector)

26 – Bellefonte, AL: 2 new Westinghouse AP 1000 Pressurized Water Nuclear Reactors

27 – Levy County, FL: new nuke plants proposed

28 – Vancouver, BC: development in relation to the 2010 Winter Olympics

29 – Atlantica Free Trade Area to be created and filled with new infrastructure projects

30 – Ohio/West Virginia: I-70- Truck Only Lanes from Kansas City to OH/WV border

31 – I-15 Expansion around Salt Lake City and Las Vegas

32 – El Paso, TX: I-10 Bypass around the city

33 – Houston: I-10-Truck Only Lanes being constructed

34 – Chesapeake Bay south of Maryland: Unistar/ Constellation Energy has submitted a partial application to build a third nuclear reactor at the site of Calvert Cliffs reactors

35 – Central Virginia: Dominion trying to build a third reactor at North Anna

36 – Bay City Texas: License applied for to build 2 new nuke plants.

37 – Cherokee County SC: 2 new proposed nuke reactors

38 – Port Gibson Mississippi: application to add another reactor to existing 2

39 – Wake County, NC: application submitted to build 2 new reactors at existing nuke plant

40 – Austin, TX: New development near the Rhizome collective’s urban reclamation project

41 – New Orleans, LA: Indigenous community, Houma-Pointe-Au-Chien, denied hurricane relief aid

42 – everywhere: coasts are eroding at the rate of fingernail growth

43 – Manatee County, FL: Proposed phosphate mine

44 – Alachua County, FL: Proposed bio-mass incinerator, and proposed Plum Creek Development

45 – near Cincinnati, OH: proposal to re-open old nuclear power plant

46 – Upper Peninsula, MI: metallic sulfide and uranium mining:


1 – Mexicali, MX/Calexico, CA: 11/7-11/07 No Borders Camp

2 – Tucson, AZ: 2/18 Demostration at the Forest Service Office, post EF! Winter Organizers Conference

3 – Flagstaff, AZ: 12/5/08 FIRE (Flagstaff Immigrants Rights Enforcement) raid ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) meeting with deporation notice

4 – Red Rock Desert, UT: 22,500 acres bid on by Tim DeChristopher to stop them from being sold for oil.

5 – El Paso, TX: 12/17/08 Judith Ackerman arrested blocking border wall construction.

6 – Denver, CO: 8/08 Mass Mobilization around the Democratic National Convention

7 – Pecos, TX: 12/13/08 Prison Riots at a private prison that houses immigration detainees

8 – Pettus, WV: 5 activists chained to bulldozers in response to coal ash spill.

9 – Berkley, CA: Urban tree-sit in an Oak Grove

10 – Santa Cruz, CA: Tree-sit put up to stop the University from expanding into the redwood forest

11 – Los Angeles, CA: UCLA van torched to protest vivisection

12 – Louisa, VA: March through the streets and a lockdown at Bank of America to finish off the South East Convergence for Climate Action.

13 – 50 miles W of Charlotte, NC: 4/1/08 Lockdown at Cliffside Power Plant construction site.

14 – Columbus, OH: 7/7/08 Lockdown at American Municipal Power after the EF! Round River Rendezvous

15 – S. IN: 5/19/08 I-69 road blockade and treesit erected.

16 – New York, NY: 1/6/09 A flaming street blockade finished out a benefit show for Eco-Prisoners and the EF!J

17 – Whatcom County, WA and Sammamish, WA: arson of partially built homes to protest sprawl, 2005

18 – Charlotte, NC, Lancaster Co. SC: 6/6/08 17 partially constructed luxury homes burned down

19 – Humboldt, CA: Treesits to stop Pacific Lumber/Maxxam from logging

20 – Augusta, ME: 4 women locked their necks together at the Land Use Regulatory Commission about Plum Creek.

21 – Richmond, VA: Dominion headquarters blockaded in protest of new coal fired power plant

22 – Miami, FL: 10/07 Take Back the Land creates Umoja Village in an empty lot in the city

23 – South Florida: Throughout 2008 48 arrests in various actions against Florida Power and Light

24 – Portland, OR: 9/18 anti-dam banner drop and march

25 – Asheville, NC: 8/12/07 Protest and lockdown at Bank of America to end the South East Convergence for Climate Action

26 – Washington Coast: Anti-L.N.G. blockade and banner drop

27 – Miami, FL: 10 primates freed from a vivisection lab

28 – Washington DC: 3/09 Capitol City coal plant blockade (after powershift conference)

29 – Minneapolis, MN: Mass Mobilization around the Republican National Convention

30 – Brattleboro, VT: Lockdown and guerilla garden where a truckstop was slated to be built

31 – New Orleans, LA: Folks lockdown protesting house demolitions

32 – Kaysville, UT: 9/22 10,000 mink freed

33 – Asheville, NC: 8/6/07 W Asheville development burned

34 – New York, NY: 9/26/08 RAN climbs flagpole on Wall Street to protest the increasing home foreclosures.

35 – Wise County, VA: 9/15/08 Lockdown in front of coal plant

36 – Montpelier, VT: July 4 governor pied during parade by someone wearing a santa suit to protest a nuke plant; In October, santa visits again at permitting agency HQ to deliver a ‘nuclear winter’ scare

37 – Ontario, Canada: Six Nations occupy land 7/08

38 – Edmonton, Alberta: Arson of Jim Carter’s mansion

39 – Haubstadt, IN: 6/28/08 Lockdown shuts down Gohmann Asphalt and Construction, an I-69 contractor

40 – Boston, MA – Seven activists from Rising Tide Boston disrupted a lecture at Harvard University being delivered by Arch Coal CEO Steve Lee March 4, 2009

41 – Maryville, IL: 7/4/08 Cars destroyed at the office of Berardin, Lochmueller, & Associates, an I-69 contractor

42 – Chicago, IL: 8/08 March and office demo against Honeywell to show support for environmental justice for marginalized communities

43 – Vancouver Island, BC: 4/07-2/08 Treesit to stop highway construction

44 – Providence, RI: Thoman Friedman pied by the Greenwash Guerrillas at Brown Univerisity

45 – Jefferson, OR: 53 mink released from Jefferson Fur Farm

46 – Dawson Creek, BC: Third explosion at a gas extraction well

47 – Toronto, ON: 10/21/08 Rail blockade and fire damage to tracks and electrical workings outside of the CP Rail main facility

48 – Mexico City, MX; Throughout 2008 dozens of attacks on KFC, Burger King, fur shops, and pet stores ranging from arson to gluing locks, to spraying red paint taken by FLAM (Animal Liberation Front Mexico)

49 – Virginia: resistance movement against development of a new ICE Facility

50 – New Orleans, LA: Cop car attacked during Mardi Gras

51– Charlotte, NC: April 20, 300 people took to the streets to demand that Duke Energy stop the construction of the 800 mw Cliffside coal plant in Rutherford County, NC. Over 40 were arrested in a mass civil disobedience action.

52 – Broward County, FL: Coconut Creek development cancelled due to threats of Direct Action and community organizing

53 – Orlando, FL: Food Not Bombs overturned parks laws in order to continue serving

54 – Orlando, FL: Golf Course proposal stopped, turned into nature preserve

55 – Houston, TX: Immigration office occupied for a day

56 – Texas: Funding pulled for trans-texas corridor

57 – Gainseville, FL: turning street medians into gardens

58 – DC: March 26, 2008 Activists with DC Rising Tide brought a coal industry conference to a stop with banner drop disruption

59 – Charlotte, NC : May 25, 2008 activists with Asheville Rising Tide broke ground on a new 800 Mw clean energy power plant in Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers front yard

60 – Portland, OR: Oil Enforcement Agency Busts Oil-Worshiping Cult Against I-5 2008

61 – July 28, SDS, Potomac Earth First and Roadblock Earth First, office protests at the CATO institute, an office of I-69’s surveyor, and the dual target (I-69 and ICC) Washington Post.

62 – Maryville, IL: June 30, 2008, I-69 Surveyors Office Attacked

63 – Eugene, OR: March 9, 2008 Activists protesting a proposed increase in logging in Western Oregon forests block downtown Eugene traffic with march

64 – South Jordan, UT: 8/22 300 mink freed


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