Sample Outreach Letter

To Folks at ____________ [name of group],

The Earth First! Roadshow will be crossing the country this spring with the goal of renewing a grassroots ecological direct action movement in the U.S. We are looking to network and collaborate with groups, such as yours, with the intent of bridging gaps of age and experience that exist in the environmental movement and inspiring people to join the frontlines of the fight for the Earth in some new and exciting ways.

Although Earth First! has been involved in a wide array of issues, we have always rooted ourselves in the defense of the wild. And the battleground for wild ecosystems has changed in some very substantial ways over the past few years. The global acceptance of human-induced climate change has blazed a trail for promoting deep and lasting social changes with unprecedented urgency. There’s a critical moment in front of us, the window between being too lazy and too late, where people are becoming inspired to stand up for the planet and recognize our connection to it.

While Earth First! has been promoting immediate urgent action since its inception 28 years ago, this past September even Al Gore started promoting civil disobedience for the environment. But those of us paying attention to the bigger picture see that the pending ecological collapse demands a broader reaction than just blocking a few new coal plants. The greed and arrogance that resulted in fossil fuel driving climate change has also manifested in so many other destructive ways that can’t be ignored. The call that Gore made, for “young people blocking bulldozers” must be applied to much more than just coal plants and more than just young people. We need to defend every intact ecosystem and begin the process of restoring whats been destroyed; its going to take all of us giving it all we got.

And that’s why the Earth First! Roadshow is coming through.. We will be presenting a theatrical history of EF!, offering trainings for safe and strategic direct actions/civil disobedience. and making eco-action irresistible!

Two primary things we are looking for: participation from your membership and funds to keep the Roadshow rolling. Will you help?

Please contact us ASAP for details on scheduling, etc.


For more info on the roadshow, contact the EF! Roadshow planning collective directly at:, (330)423-1823


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