Northern California Redwood Defense

Going up in a RedwoodSince the fall of Maxxam/Pacific Lumber, forest defenders in the Redwoods have been directing attention on another logging empire. Green Diamond Resource Company (formerly Simpson) has around 450,000 acres in Northern California and is clear-cutting it at an astounding rate. In the last 10 years they have clear-cut 52,000 acres of NorCal forests. They are killing off endangered Spotted Owls and have aspirations to sell of thousands of acres in Humboldt County for Salmon killing suburban development.

Last summer, an affinity group called EF! Humboldt started a tree-sit in a huge ancient Redwood in a grove that was already approved for logging. This action was taken to bring attention to the companies practices and to physically defend the area where a pair of Spotted Owls raise their young. Precious cold, clean water also flows from this forest year round and sustains young Coho Salmon who live downstream in Ryan Creek before traveling to the ocean. These two groves are surrounded by heavily logged lands and are a refuge for numerous species of wildlife including Osprey, Spotted Owls, Black Bears, Flying Squirrels, Pacific Giant Salamanders and many more.

The company told a local radio station that they don’t want to “add fuel to the fire”. They have been refusing to make statements about the tree-sits to the media. They hope that if they ignore us we will go away. They quickly put up “Wildlife Leave Tree” signs on the first tree-sit tree and others nearby. We think they were hoping to make our action seem pointless and make us go away. We are now occupying many more trees in that grove and another one.

We want to see this campaign grow beyond tree-sitting but for now we are holding the line in the canopy to keep at least part of this wildlife refuge from being destroyed by Green Diamonds devastating logging operations.

Contact Earth First! Humboldt to find out how you can get involved in this inspiring grassroots campaign!


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  1. […] We stopped in Humbolt County for a few days of skillshares with the folks who are involved in the full-time direct action campaign just outside of Arcata, protecting second-growth redwoods from being cut by Green Diamond. […]

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