Thanks y’all

Partial thank you list (in progress):

In no particular order: chris lamarka for the amazing photos; Fund for Wild Nature for the financial support, Riverside anarchist fun fair folks; Santa Barbara Infoshop crew and the welcoming hobbits in their mountainside shire; Catalyst crew in Prescott (special thanks for carrying Avalon’s spirit onward); OKC infoshop crew; Rhizome collective in Austin (keep kicking! Don’t give in!); Sedition books in Houston; Iron Rail in NOLA (and all the punx who put up with the annoying cops to support us); Civic Media Center and the awesome homeschoolers in Gainesville; Black Box, Firecat and Orlando FNB; the Saras of Sarasota; Ellen and Karen from Happahatchee, and the sweet student crew who put us up; the wild energy and deep gator bellows of Big Cypress swamp; Black Mangrove and Take Back the Land in Miami; Everglades EF! posse & Canew crew; the rowdy riot folks in Jupiter (and their supportive parent-folks); St. Augustine badasses; CPE crew and Random Note house in Tallahassee (you ever find that phone charger?); Savannah, for keeping Georgia on our map; y’all keeping it real in the Piedmont of NC (here’s to burnin’ cities and 30 bare-ass birthday floggings); the mountain folk of Asheville and Hot Springs (no thanks to yer sleazy two-faced Governor); Blue Ridge EF! (“alive and well…sure to smell!”); D.C. last-minute hosts and old friends keeping anarchy alive in the empire; Red Emma’s for accepting our green fire (and buying us the hometown favorite-non-local-beer); PUSH Suny folks, for being open to critique; NYC Anarchist Bookfair, there are also hard lessons to be learned in your inaction; Connecticut hosts (no thanks to Ivan.. or any other cops who have showed up);

To the awesome musicians: Here’s to the Long Haul, Valerie C. Wisecracker, Grant Peeples, Danny Dolinger, Lars Din, Counterfeit Matt, Bad Heart Bull, Emma’s Revolution, Evan Greer, Adam Barksdale, .. and dozens of others who have played at our presentations or played benefits for us. Along with food, drink and friends, music is at the heart of communities-in-rebellion..

There course there are countless (and nameless) folks who have made this project possible. Thanks y’all.


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