Totally charmed by the Midwest

Tripods take over! (Athens, Ohio)

Tripods take over! (Athens, Ohio)

As our schedule continues to be full to the brim, we continue to fail at updating our blog regularly! I suppose it’s just indicative of how good of a time we’ve been having. A special thanks to Bad Heart Bull who enriched our tour with their brilliant music and ridiculous antics from Chicago through Iowa City. It’s so good to hear this story told through music!

The Heartland
Our time in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois brought lots of new friends out to our presentations and trainings and also gave us the chance to connect with some of the old movers and shakers of the radical eco and animal rights movements. A shout-out to Roger, one of those old friends, and all he’s building at Lakevillage Homestead in Kalamazoo, a beautiful farm project that left us cold-lake refreshed and with bellies full of goat milk.

The Northwoods
Traveling to the north, we witnessed spring unfurling its first tendrils and caught folks’ enthusiasm to finally be seeing the sun. We led trainings for folks in Wisconsin who are fighting to keep the developers out of their community land project, Drumlin Farm, took a cold dip in lake Superior, and shook our booties at a show in Minneapolis.

The Plains
Just when we think it can’t get any better, we meet more people working on more inspirational projects. In Iowa we met up with some of the folks in the Wild Rose Rebellion, visited The Solidarity Center in Lawrence, Kansas, and were treated incredibly well by McFoster’s Cafe in Omaha, a place run by some long-time eco-rebels. Even where things are spread out, the prairies are all but destroyed, and sprawl is an ever-growing threat, we’re finding large communities of resistance.

Every time we start to wonder if we’ve packed our schedule too full or if we’re crazy for even attempting such a journey, we’re reminded why it is we’re doing this: to get to sing songs and share stories of inspiration around the country and remember that we’re in this together — a whole shit ton of us. Thanks to everyone for all the life-blood and inspiration!


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