Wild Liberty vs Green Capitalism in New England

Thanks to Maine Earth First! and Native Forest Network for hosting us on an amazing visit, and adding local flavor to the presentations. We did workshops and presentations in Portland, Unity, Turner, Sangerville and Farmington; including stops at the annual Youth Activism Gathering, a Unitarian Universalist congregation and a local group fighting to protect the Boundary Mountains from intrusion by industrial wind farms on land Plum Creek claims to own. Eco-activists in Maine have been on a role exposing Plum Creek’s attempted assaults on late-succession/old-growth forests and it seems that things may be heating up there again. Plum Creek has began construction partnered with Trans Canada (a company responsible for the catastrophic Tar Sands project to the north) to use industrial wind power as a ‘green’ public relations move for the expansion of regional energy infrastructure, meanwhile trashing sub-alpine lynx habitat with roads and clearcuts to accomodate the new green capitalism… Same as the old capitalism, but with a better disguise.

Here are some links to background info on the growing fight, keep an ear out for coming resistance to Plum Creek and TransCanada in Maine:


We passed through the snow-capped mountains of New Hampshire and landed in Montpelier, VT, where we were showered with wild leeks and maple syrup. We had a great show at Black Sheep Books, saw some snow fall and made our way to Burlington for an Earth Day event on the UVM campus, and lastly visited Brattleboro. Again, we had a a few local EF!ers accompany us through Vermont to talk about local issues, such as Plum Creek’s recent expansion into the Northeast Kingdom and the ongoing resistance to shut down Vermont Yankee nuke plant and upcoming actions planned by groups such as Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Alliance


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