Where’d all the wilderness go? (and how do we get it back?!)

the Big Rotten Apple
We rolled in late to NYC on Friday night and were immediately whisked away on a mobile street party in solidarity with New School student occupations. Getting up early the next morning, a friend of ours over at Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness let us use part of their table, so we were able to table at the NYC Anarchist Bookfair for the Earth First! Journal. Lots of folks turned up at our presentation and gave it some rave reviews. Some people in NYC were able to talk afterwards about providing solidarity for wilderness defense projects in the city, which was real inspiring. The rest of the Bookfair was enjoyable, and, as always, the evening ended with some fun.. a hiss-terical cat-astrophe, one might say.

Middletown, CT
After escaping the towering buildings of NYC, we headed for Wesleyan College in Connecticut. There was a good crew that showed up for the presentation, which took a bit to get going as we waited for some friendly police officers to find there way to the exit. After the show, some fine folks at Wesleyan showed us a nice time, providing us with a good dinner and conversation. Unfortunately, the next day, we got lost on campus and missed the majority of a lunch event with Black Panther, Robert King (an ex-prisoner from the Angola 3 case), he’s on speaking tour, so folks should check him out if you get the chance.

New Haven, CT
It was freezing cold as we arrived at Southern Connecticut State University, but we were quickly warmed up by the smiling faces of our new friends (and the heat of the campus police officer, Ivan) in New Haven. We had some extra time, so were able to have big group discussions afterwards which was a welcome break to the usual schedule. After the presentation, it was real nice to have a relaxing
evening listening to some folks play good music-hootenanny style-at the house where we stayed.

Providence, RI
Earth First! went Ivy (League) with a stop at Brown University. It was also our first time presenting in a bar. In the heart of syndicalism, a few handfuls of folks showed up to see us babble on for a bit. Barring a few technical difficulties here and there, everything went fine, and we made it out of there alright. Good conversations about ecological defense and labor crossovers, and good friends, entertained us for the rest of the evening.


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