From the mountains of Katuah to the mid-Atlantic urban nightmare…

Asheville, NC
We stopped in Asheville to join the local Rising Tide crew for a Fossil Fool’s Day street theatre action in front of Governor Perdue’s office protesting her support for the Cliffside Coal Power Plant [TAKE ACTION APRIL 20]. We also presented the EF! Roadshow that evening at Firestorm Café, followed by a local announcement to revive the Katuah EF! group. We ended our event with a cordial April Fool’s appreciation offered to our hosts and chased the crowd out the door to check out Fall of Efrafa playing down the street…
fossil fools day

Blue Ridge Earth First! Camp
Next stop was the Blue Ridge EF! (BREF!) camp out nearby Charlottesville, Virginia for the weekend. It was filled with great workshops including: regional nuclear opposition, updates from the coal fields, new coal plants and mountain top removal plans, permaculture community gardens and the growing resistance to a proposed new immigrant detention facility in Farmville, VA. [] We also had the fortune of getting to hear Danny Dolinger, an amazing musician who has written many EF! movement anthems [CHECK OUT DANNY’S MUSIC]. The BREF! crew has shown an inspiring ability to connect with broader local organizing and still cultivate an identity as a radical, biocentric presence in the landscape of regional activism.

D.C. & Baltimore
There was some logistical planning complications for the DC stop, but with the assistance of some long time local organizer friends, we were able to pull together an event on short notice and still pack the venue. Thanks to the Ella Jo Baker Co-op for having us. Baltimore was also a great event where we packed Red Emma’s café/bookstore and got to share the spot with a great local musician, Counterfeit Matt. The next morning we headed for NYC…

SUNY Purchase
We stopped for the Day of Dissent on the SUNY campus in Harrison (just north of the City). We were scheduled to offer our presentation and two workshops (‘Know Your Rights’ and ‘Responding to the Green Scare’). After setting up for our show we noticed that we were sharing the bill with a person known by our collective to have unresolved allegations as a perpetrator of sexual assault. Instead of our usual gig we decided to make space for a discussion on community responses and accountability processes regarding assault and abuse. Although it was disappointing to not share the skills and experiences that we are primarily on tour for, we all felt good about the decision. After all, the success and sustainability of our movement is about more than flashy pictures and funny puppets. We want a culture of resistance where people care for themselves, their friends and their broader community; sometimes that is hard and uncomfortable work. And we cannot afford to ignore it.
Next stop, NYC Anarchist Bookfair…


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