We’re On the Road!

Leaving Santa BarbaraWith LA, Santa Barbara, Prescott and Oklahoma City behind us, we will begin our descent through Texas, into the southeast shortly. There have been 5-7 of us traveling, each contributing our skills and experiences. Our van is now running reliably and is well stocked with tools for training, including 20-foot poles for teaching tri-pods, gear for tree-sit building and a great puppet show on security culture (courtesy of the Mysterious Rabbit Puppet Army) and more.

We’re working constantly on updating our schedule, if details seem a little light on all our stops, please check back soon or contact us about your town!

If you are hosting us in your town, here are two things we’d like you to consider:

-Outreach: Here are links to a helpful ‘sample letter‘ to groups who haven’t heard of us and a check list for making the stop as smooth as possible.

-Fliers: We’ve uploaded the fliers that we’ve been using so far on tour, it sure helps if they go around town to give advance notice!

-Action: If we can provide material resources or specific trainings to help your group pull off a local action, we would love to help! And if schedules and number permit, some or all of our crew can stick around. The more lead time we get on this, the better.


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